All custodians have plenty of keys, know their schools well, and serve as positive contributors to their overall school environment through their work and relationships with students and staff.   “Joe the Janitor” has the keys to success in school and life for kids. He knows schools inside and out and he shares his insightful observations and humorous stories to teach kids skills for being respectful, responsible, and resilient.

Dr. Brad Schwall is the creator, author, and producer of this creative series of videos. To order access to all of the episodes, go to

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Use these short videos in guidance lessons, class meetings, and/or video morning announcements.

Handouts, activities, and posters reinforce the skills and tips taught.

The episodes cover three areas important to social and emotional development and creating a positive school climate.

  • Skills for handling feelings and being confident
  • Skills for working well with others
  • Skills for making good choices that benefit the student and the entire school

Cost for Permanent Access to “Joe the Janitor” Videos

Purchase one season:  $200

Purchase both seasons:  $300.

“Joe the Janitor” Topics

Season 1

  1. Behavior in the Cafeteria
  2. Behavior in the Hallways
  3. Behavior in the Common Areas
  4. Volume Levels
  5. Working on Group Projects
  6. Giving and Listening to Presentations
  7. Leadership
  8. Resilience
  9. Showing Appreciation
  10. Back to School
  11. Listening
  12. Choosing Good Friends
  13. Making Healthy Choices
  14. K-2: Following Directions
  15. K-2: Setting Goals for Learning
  16. K-2: Problem-solving

Season 2

  1. Think Before You Act
  2. Be a Leader
  3. Cooperate
  4. Respect Differences
  5. Be Your Own Boss:  How to Handle Peer Pressure
  6. Be OK with Asking for Help
  7. The 5th Grade Boys Talk
  8. Stress Less
  9. Be Tech-Smart
  10. Get Organized
  11. Be Confident
  12. Be Responsible
  13. Make and Keep Good Friends
  14. Say “No” to Bullying
  15. Enjoy Work
  16. Stay on Task
  17. Deal With Feelings

For more information, contact Dr. Schwall, author and producer of the Cool Kids resources: 214.683.6537,,